Frequently asked questions about the Champlain Hudson Power Express®

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What is HVDC transmission?

高压直流(HVDC)能源传输是一项久经考验的技术,它比交流(AC)传输更有效地传输长距离电力. In addition, HVDC does not produce controversial electromagnetic fields associated with AC transmission.

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What is the project route?

The project route has been carefully designed to have a minimal footprint, 利用水道和现有的通行权避开环境敏感区域,如哈德逊河上游的多氯联苯清理地点. The project will run from the U.S.-Canadian border, south through Lake Champlain, along and under the Hudson River, and eventually ending at a converter station in Astoria Queens.

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How will this project affect the environment?

Because the solid-state cables are only five inches in diameter, it is possible to run them underwater and underground along existing rights of way, minimally disturbing the environment and preserving natural views. Careful attention has been paid to avoid environmentally sensitive locations, such as PCB concentrations in the Hudson River.

How will the cable be installed?

该电缆将采用低冲击水射流技术安装,对环境的影响最小. See a demonstration video of how the cable would be installed:


Will this project use overhead transmission in New York?

No. The cable will either be placed in existing waterways or buried underground. There will be no new overhead transmission associated with this project.

What happens if a line is cut or broken—will the water become electrified?

If the cable is damaged, 高压直流保护在几分之一秒内将电流和电压降低到零,因此没有可能对人员造成伤害, fish or any nearby infrastructure.

What precautions will be taken to protect the cable once it is in the water? Can anchors from boats snag it?

To protect against an anchor or fishing equipment damaging the cable, the line is placed below the bottom of the waterways, and either submerged into the river/lake bed or covered with a barrier to prevent snagging. In the highly unlikely event that the cable is snagged, 电缆的重量会告诉船只他们已经连接到一个主要的地下物体上. 电缆本身包含光纤热和通信保护功能,可以检测到任何障碍, 以及两个换流站的故障保护设备,几乎可以立即清除任何故障. 如果电缆损坏,这些安全特性将立即关闭操作,以保护生命和设备.

Who is financing this project?

The project will be 100% privately financed. TDI’s lead sponsor and equity provider is the Blackstone Group. 建设债务融资将来自一个由商业银行和其他私人债务提供者组成的财团.

What if there are overruns? Will those be passed through to rate payers?

As a private project, any cost overruns would be born by the private owners of the project. Ratepayers will not be affected by construction cost overruns.

Where is this new power coming from?

TDI设计这个项目是为了通过带来新的天博app下载能源来满足纽约市场日益增长的需求, affordable, renewable energy to consumers. The source of this energy will be renewable energy generators.

Where is the power going?

The power will be delivered to a converter station that will be built in Astoria Queens, New York, and will be connected into the Con Edison grid.

Does the government approve this project? What approvals are needed?

The project has received all required federal and state permits, 天博APP将与相关机构合作,就保护环境所需的任何许可证修改进行合作. More information on permitting is available here.

Will this project affect PCB cleanup in the Hudson River?

No. 避免在哈德逊河PCB疏浚项目相关区域安装高压直流电缆, the HVDC cable route will exit before the Champlain Canal and follow street and railroad rights of way. The line will be buried throughout this area to avoid the visual impacts of overhead transmission.

Has this type of project been done before? Is it safe to bury cables underwater?

Buried high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cables have been used worldwide for nearly 80 years. Some of the first commercial uses for HVDC lines date back to the early 1950s, and many are still in service today. 这些项目包括海王星项目,该项目通过一条穿过纽约港的高压直流电缆将新泽西州和长岛安全连接起来. HVDC cables are installed to:

  • Minimize impacts on the environment and protect New York’s scenic landscapes
  • Avoid visual impacts that are often caused by overhead transmission projects
  • Minimize electrical energy losses that typically occur with traditional overhead transmission lines
What type of maintenance will this project require?

换流站将对变压器和制造商指定的其他电气设备进行定期维护. The cables are monitored on a continuous basis and, unless damage is detected, they are virtually maintenance-free.

Is this a safe project?

This project is extremely safe, 使用固态电缆,由绝缘良好的不易燃材料制成,不含可能泄漏的液体或凝胶. 高压直流换流站也是固态的,没有可燃燃料,不像热电站. To minimize the possibility of damage, 高压直流换流站采用电气保护系统,可在几分之一秒内识别和隔离故障.

Read more about safety.


No. The current and future use of these waterways will be unaffected.

What maintenance needs to be done on the lines?

The cables are monitored on a continuous basis and, unless damage is detected, they are virtually maintenance free. 换流站将对变压器和制造商指定的其他电气设备进行定期维护.


Various tests have been done on the waterways where the lines will be placed. 其中包括侧面扫描声纳分析和项目所在的河床和湖泊的底部采样.

What voltage level will the project operate at?

The project will operate at between 300–320 kV, depending upon the technology that is selected.

What was the major decision made by the PSC for your project on April 18, 2013?

纽约公共服务委员会(PSC)发布命令,颁发环境兼容性和公共需要证书(许可证). The commission found that the project had significant environmental benefits; provided needed transmission supply into a congested NYC load pocket; provided fuel diversity; connected renewable, stable-cost hydro resources into NYC; and strengthened the interconnection between the Quebec and New York grids. The permit is required to construct the project in the state of New York.

How will the CHPE project connect with Quebec?

CHPE项目将通过运行匹配的高压直流电缆,穿过纽约-加拿大边境,并将其拼接到魁北克输电系统内的现有电缆,从而连接到魁北克输电系统. On the Canadian side, the cable is expected to run to the Hertel HVAC converter substation near the City of Montreal. 魁北克水电公司将负责加拿大边境的连接和基础设施建设.



哈德逊河饮用水市际委员会(“哈德逊7号”)要求提供有关该项目的更多信息. The document below represents a summary of the questions raised by the Hudson 7 and our responses.

TDI Q&A on Hudson River Water Intakes

How much will this project cost?

This project is entirely privately funded, and the overall cost is approximately $6 billion.

How long will construction take in my community?

The Astoria-Rainey cable is permitted and construction will start in May 2024, and the project is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2025. We will continue to keep the community informed throughout construction.

How would this project improve my community?

CHPE将提供满足纽约州2030年可天博app目标所需的剩余发电量的20%. Also, the carbon emissions reduction resulting from the CHPE will be equivalent to removing approximately 44 percent of the cars from NYC streets. 可再生水力发电的可用性消除了阿斯托里亚地区对当地化石发电的需求,减少了当地的空气污染. 水力发电的性质允许通过水坝储存能量,并在需要时释放, providing a resilient, dependable source of clean, renewable and affordable energy. CHPE will quickly help New York jump-start its move to a renewable generation future.

Will streets be closed during construction?

天博APP仍在评估现有的现场条件和施工所需的潜在道路或车道封闭. 天博APP将与交通部和市政当局合作,制定适当的交通管制计划,并与社区沟通任何临时道路限制.

Will I have full access to my property during construction?

Ingress and egress to homes and businesses will be maintained during construction; although that may mean it is provided through a temporary entrance as we access certain areas.

How will this impact my property?

Construction will largely take place in existing rights of way. If we do need additional easements on your property, the project team will contact you prior to construction to coordinate.

What will be done to restore rights of way and my property after construction is finished?

Following construction, any impacted property will be restored to its previous condition. 沿途的一些地点可能会改善人行横道和人行道,以提高可达性.

Who do I call if I need additional information or have questions/concerns during construction?

Your questions or comments, big or small, are important to us and any inquiry made to us by phone or email will get an individ-ual response. 欢迎致电天博APP的外展热线800-991-CHPE(2473)或直接发送电子邮件至publicoutreach@crescent-farm.net.